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Energetic Space Cleansing and Clearing –

starting at $350 (price may increase due to size and nature of space)

Energetic Space Cleansing and Clearing is a very powerful technique used to clear and revitalize the

energy in your home or business.

Not very many people realize that energy controls, manipulates and directs us in our day to day lives.

These energies can have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial

well-being. For example, have you ever noticed business after business failing over and over again in

the same location while other businesses in the area flourish? When you think in terms of energy, it is

no surprise. The energy of the previous business or businesses is still there. The emotions the previous

owners must have been experiencing as the business was failing would probably have been extreme.

Maybe they felt sadness or anger. Maybe they were overwhelmed or felt hopelessness. All of this energy

stays until it is cleared out and guess what, when you try to build your business there, you are navigating

through all that mess. Picture trying to run your business trudging through mud up to your waist, it would be pretty difficult. Same goes for your home. Imagine trying to start your new life in a home with the previous owner’s furniture and garbage still thrown about. You can see why cleansing and clearing your space energetically is very important. You want to start out with a clean slate. 

We at Healing Yew Wellness take the process of cleansing and clearing your space very seriously. We take our time using various methods and techniques to break up then clear out that old stagnant energy that is no longer serving you and/or your family in a positive way. We not only cleanse and clear the space, but we also set the intention for your space to be filled with the energies of peace, joy, love, health, healing and prosperity. 

Examples when Energetic Space Cleansing & Clearing is recommended:

* New business or location **Especially if previous businesses failed in your location

* Starting a New Endeavor
* Moving in to a New Home
* Any type of building, renovation or restoration
* Divorce, Breakup, At the start of a new relationship
* Loss, Financial Difficulty, If you are in any kind of legal dispute
* Illness, Insomnia, Depression or Anxiety
* Arguing or Violence
* Burglary or Traumatic Incident
* Before the Birth or Arrival of a New Baby or Family Member

* Loss of a Loved One
* If there is a feeling of apathy or a lull or lack of happiness and excitement in your life or in your business

* If you feel you need a fresh new start

In order for happiness and prosperity to be achieved, pure energy must flow. 

Don’t let the energy of your home or business affect your well-being. Schedule an Energetic Space Cleansing & Clearing today!​

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