End of Life Sessions for You and Your Pet $150

The passing of a furry family member can be one of the most difficult experiences you may have to go through. The stress and grief you experience doesn't begin when your furry love passes away. It often begins when there is a diagnosis and lasts long after they have crossed the rainbow bridge. 

I would like to offer energetic support for you and your pet.

  • While your pet receives an energy healing session I will teach you techniques to connect and continue your own sessions. This could become a daily offering depending on you and your loved one.
  • You and your pet will receive 1 remote energy healing session each. The time is of your choosing.
  • Any sessions there after whether it is to support you or your pet through this time will only be $50.  ~Support for you will continue for as long as you need. We as pet "owners" can experience a grief that is unbearably painful and sometimes there isn't anyone who can console us or even understands us. After all it was "just a pet" right?  I know better! Our little loves, whether it was a dog, a cat or even a bird, are more than that to many of us. They can hold our heart in the safest of places and sometimes they are the only being in our lives we have opened our hearts completely to. It is no wonder to me that the stress, anxiety and grief is immense. I will be there for you in an energetic capacity for as long as you need.


​healing Body Mind & Spirit through the energetic arts

Healing Yew Wellness

Gilbert AZ

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​Healing Yew Wellness

Pet Reiki – $80

Pets are just like humans and need and enjoy energy healing.
I have worked with many dogs, cats, birds and reptiles even a rose haired tarantula. I've also worked with several farm animals such as horses, cows, pigs and goats.

I have helped these pets through various illnesses, disease, stress and anxiety. I have also help a few find peace as they transitioned through the veil. 

Did your know that our pets are natural healers? They will take on our physical and emotional pain. Have you ever noticed them coming close when you're crying and upset or when you're not well. That is what they are doing... they are healing.

Why not return the favor and treat them to their own energy healing session.