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Medium Readings with  Kathy J

Individual Private Reading - $175 hour

Add $45 for every 15 minutes over an hour  up to 2 hours. Price covers only one person

Kathy is an amazingly gifted Psychic Medium. She has been a practicing Medium for over 15 years.

I met Kathy in 2011 after the passing of a loved one. My daughter had heard about Kathy through a friend so we went out to see her. We were both so amazed at all she knew and the messages that were coming through. The black cloud that loomed over my daughter had been lifted and this was the beginning of our healing. I felt so much gratitude for Kathy's willingness to sharing her wonderful ability of speaking with spirit.

Our paths crossed again in 2015 and we have been working together ever since. Over the past few years we have laughed and cried with many and I am humbled being able to witness, time and time again, the same healing that my daughter and I experienced.


Group Readings with Kathy J - $300

Group or Gallery Readings are readings where 2 or more persons gather together to hear messages from their loved ones. We come to you.

$300 covers 90 minutes and up to 6 people.

7 people $325

8 people $350

9 people $375

10 people $400

more than 10 add 30 minutes(2 hours total) and $25 per person

An added traveling charge may apply.