​Pet Magic

Energy Healing for your Furry Friend
Learn Energy Healing for your Pet!

Date not set...If interested please call or text

at (480) 748-7799


Ages 10 and up


This will be a fun class and your pet will LOVE you for it!


We have all read the research that our furry family members help us live healthier, happier and longer lives.
Learn why this is so and how to return the favor!

Join us in a class where you will learn about your pets Meridians. Meridians are the body’s energy transportation system. They are channels or pathways which carry Qi (Life Force Energy) through the body. The flow of the meridians is ever changing and can be disrupted, keeping the organs from getting the energy they need. This imbalance leaves the body susceptible to illness and disease.

You will learn about the 12 Organ System Meridians, their Locations, Functions and Clinical Usage and most importantly, you will learn techniques to stimulate and strengthen the flow of energy within the Meridians.

*Sorry, but as a safety precaution, your pets are not permitted to attend class with you. Don't worry! I will be bringing my Fur Babies for you to practice on and will be providing handouts to take home with you.

Ages 10 and up. All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, unless arrangements have been made with me.

Energy Body

Date to be determined/Please call if interested
This will be a series of 7 classes, one for each major chakra. Each week we will learn all about that chakra, everything from its Sanscrit name, location and color to what essential oils, crystals and foods help to balance it. You will receive a special gift each week corresponding to the individual chakra as well as a balancing snack. We will end each class with a meditation.

Intuitive Development

Raise Your Vibrational Energy

Price: $15.00
Date to be determined/Please call if interested

We are all beings of energy and we vibrate at varying frequencies throughout the day. When our vibrational energy is low we become blocked mentally, spiritually and physically. We may experience negative thoughts and emotions and feel fatigued, restless and possibly depressed. When we remain in a low vibrational state we may even find ourselves facing health issues. Join us in our Raise you Vibrational Energy classes where we teach basic techniques to raise your frequency. Tap into your intuition and experience the higher vibrating energies of Love, Joy, Health, Healing and Creativity.
We will be learning meditation techniques, how to develop your psychic room and participate in a past life regression meditation. Don't miss it! 

Tarot Basics

Date to be determined/Please call if interested

Learn the basics about tarot card reading. In this 
class you will learn about the Major and Minor 
Arcana, how to handle your cards, a basic tarot 
spread and how to give a reading.

Activate your Clairs

Date to be determined/Please call if interested

Do you want to develop your Intuition?
Learn how to activate your clairs...In this class you will learn about the 6 different types of extra sensory perceptions, how they work and tools to help activate and develop them. 

Baby Magic

Baby Energy Healing

Date not set*

please call if interested


Learn to balance your baby's energy and protect

their energy body. Babies are susceptible to negative

energy just like everyone else. I will teach you the things I wish I had known when my kids were babies.

​healing Body Mind & Spirit through the energetic arts

​Healing Yew Wellness